Poker club “Zeus” invites everyone to the cash festival on November, 4-13


Belarus Poker Tour ready for launch on November, 4-13 2016. Minsk will become the capital of poker for 10 days. As always, the partner of the series –“Zeus” poker club, will organize cash games.

For many years, poker and Minsk go along. Nowadays it is not necessary to wait for another series to enjoy the spirit of the competition and victory. “Zeus” poker club is always ready to offer the best cash games in Minsk.


“Zeus” poker club is open for the fans of the game 24 hours 7 days a week. They play No-Limit Hold’em 1-2 and 2-5, Pot-Limit Omaha 1-2, 5-5 and 5-10. For all the fans of the game, special for the festival we will install 4th playing table.

Status game renewal is available in real time in mobile app and on web-site. Important advantage of “Zeus” poker club is in that you are always able to follow the status of the game at the official website or on PokerDiscover page, and in mobile app “Poker Club ZEUS”. Information of the game, stakes and the number of table is renewed in real time.


A nice bonus for cash games enthusiasts is bad beat jackpot. Besides, to hit that jackpot, one must lose a hand in No-limit Hold’em with the quads of 8s and higher or a hand in Pot-Limit Omaha with the quads of Aces.


The previous jackpot was $3,000 and it was played at Omaha table, where two players went all-in with each other while one had straight flush against a higher straight flush.


Special freeroll with saving prize fund is held every month for Top-30 best players of the club. In September, the prize fund of the tournament was $7,087. To participate in the tournament, earn the points for time spent in the club, and for combinations of quads and higher.

Aside from that, there are other tournaments with guaranteed prize fund. Pot Limit Omaha Knockout (double chance) with $2000 guaranteed will take place in November, 3rd.



“Zeus” poker club cares of popularization of poker. Each week on Sundays there is a freeroll for new players with guaranteed prize fund of new iPhone for the winner.




There is a special transfer from the airport for the guests of the club. The club also helps with the help of placing guests from other cities. For all the players who played five or more hours at 5-5 stakes there is a free room in Minsk. Aside from that, players are able to enjoy entertainment program and buffet. There are also lotteries among the visitors of the club, where one could win valuable prizes.

On October, 7-17 a unique festival of cuisines of the world took place here. Every evening the guests were able to try a new meal. Pancakes, sushi, lasagna, and pilaf – 11 meals of different cuisines of the worlds were available for “Zeus” poker clubs visitors.



In addition to that, free Wi-Fi is available; one can watch matches on a big screen. There is also a bar.

Mobile app

For all the players to stay tunes, AppStore and Google Play have mobile app “Poker Club ZEUS”. One could find relevant information of the game at the moment, promotions, upcoming tournaments, frequent players’ rating. The information is also available in Poker Discover app and at web site.


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