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During covid times, many industries have suffered major setbacks, for instance, the ones that rely on personal interactions, travel, accommodation, and food services and many others that simply can not be done online. However, others have become more popular and even grown rapidly. And yes, apart from online gaming there is a very important rise in popularity with online games of chance. In fact, the top three games of chance reported in the sample ranked as the most frequently played include: blackjack at 22,7%, mechanical slots at 24,2%, and poker at 25,8%.

Why is Poker So Popular?

It´s hard to find a person who hasn´t heard about poker, and according to the latest data, there are more than 100 million poker players worldwide. Although many people say that poker is all about luck, it was initially designed to make it more about the skills of each player. It is clear that a certain amount of luck is needed, indeed, but professional players claim that it is of great importance to acquire as many poker strategies as you can, to be very good at math, and to be able to predict the opponent’s next move in order to beat them. Poker is also very popular because it´s extremely social, people play against each other, and that´s hardly the case with other games of chance like blackjack, for example. Finally, poker is so popular because it has become a big part of our culture, there are so many movies and songs that are about poker, and of course expressions such as “poker face” are widely known and used by everyone.

Professional Poker Players: From Game to Sport

The number of professional poker players has grown rapidly in the last few years, and there are many people who have turned poker into a way of earning a living. Due to the growing popularity of TV tournaments, the media coverage of these events, and the time spent studying poker players' strategies and skills, the Mental Sports Association finally reclassified this entertainment as a mental sport in 2011. Until then, many may have been tempted to dismiss poker as a minor pastime, or a game that requires little skill and strategy. Nothing is further from the truth though, as today poker is recognized as a sport in which luck, skill, and strategy play an integral role when it comes to playing and winning. The rise in popularity of poker is surely due, in part, to this reclassification. When the stakes are high in a winning hand, players and spectators pay much more attention and focus better. It all started with the World Series of Poker (WSOP), an annual tournament held in Las Vegas, which is now televised on the main television networks. There has also been an increase in the number of tournaments played online. The 888Poker Super Series, which runs from January 21 to February 6, invites beginners and professional players to win prizes of up to € 600,000. The online event features 69 different tournaments designed to appeal to different skill levels. Since only 12 of the games must be paid for, participation increases every year, which is another indicator of the popularity of professional poker.


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Online Poker is Taking Over

Needless to say, online poker is truly booming and becoming more popular day by day because it is accessible to people worldwide, and one of its biggest strengths is that this game is pretty much the same online as it is in real life. The only possible downside is that you don´t get the same adrenaline rush when playing on a real poker table, but the good thing is that it´s difficult to bluff or use body language that would give away your next move. Furthermore, in 2021 it seems like there are new ways of playing poker, for instance, you can even play online video poker for free with no download or registration needed with DeucesWildPoker, TriplePlayDrawPoker at, and many others. If you want to play with real money you can also find the list of best and most trusted casino sites for playing video poker, the hand ranks of video poker, along top tips to win, and much more.

The Future of Poker

In this fast-changing world, where the future is not easy to predict, poker seems to stand out, according to Carlos Camargo, one of the most famous poker players in the world. The Colombian, whose career took off in the No-Limit Hold High Roller Event tournament in 2011 can be read on, claims that once we overcome this health crisis, online poker will remain popular, as many people who played live have also learned the benefits of gambling online, and they even see it more profitable. The truth is that online poker allows you to be more regular and play more games in less time. If you are good, your abilities will be abundantly rewarded.

Therefore it´s not difficult to deduce that poker is not only a game of chance with a bright future but a real profession that pays off in the long run if you dive into it deeply enough.

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