Winner’s Strategy: 5 Poker Tips for Beginners


There are numerous ways to become a poker master, but it is essential to know that it takes time. Good things always do. In order to really learn the game and develop your own poker strategy, you need to start at the beginning.

This article is not for experienced players, so if you have played poker for several years now, you may be more interested in strategies meant for you. And if you are a beginner and ready to learn the basics – you are in the right place. What follows are 13 poker tips that will undoubtedly help your journey. Here we go!

1. The Basics: Study the Rules, Positions, and Ranking of Poker Hands

 As expected, the first step is to learn the rules of the game. This entire process shouldn’t take long – the general poker rules are not that difficult to understand. A more significant challenge for beginners is definitely the poker hand ranking.

It can be a very tricky situation if, in the middle of the game, you are not sure how strong your hand is; and whether you have won the round or not. You waste time and focus on things you should know beforehand. You will lose concentration and won’t be able to bring other important decisions with a clear head. So, take your time and learn the rankings properly. Here is a list (starting from the best) to help you get there.

● Royal Flush – if you have a ten, jack, queen, king, and an ace in your hands (of the same suit), then you have a royal flash;

● Straight Flush – five cards of the same suit arranged in sequence;

● Four of a Kind – different suit, same denomination, four cards in total, one unmatched;

● Full House – two cards of one denomination and three of another; 

● Flush – five cards of the same suit;

● Straight – five cards arranged in sequence, any suit;

● Three of a kind – three cards in the same denomination, and two unmatched;

● Two Pairs – two sets of two cards in any denomination, and one unmatched;

● One Pair – two cards in the same denomination, three unmatched;

● No Pair – all cards in different denominations, different suit and rank.

Besides learning the rules and hand ranks, another thing that you need to pay attention to is positions. You have probably already heard this poker term, even before you considered playing. It is that important. Generally, if a player has a position on other players, it means that the player is acting after them. The said player can see what they do, how they react before having to make a decision.

For instance, if you notice that the opponent makes some moves that may reveal he has a weaker hand, you can use that piece of info and decide on your next step. The later the position you have, the more hands you can play and open. This way, you can put more pressure on your opponents.

2. Start With Lower Stakes to Understand Poker Strategy Properly

As a beginner, it is important you know that it is a smart move to start low and take all the time you need to understand and develop poker strategies. There is no need for you to waste a large amount of money in the process. Here are a few more reasons for starting low for you to consider.

● First and foremost, you will indeed feel much more comfortable risking small while still in the process of learning the game. Even when you do lose, it won’t hurt you a lot, and you won’t feel the need to step down and not play any longer.

● Second, higher stakes mean more experienced opponents, and as a beginner, you don’t want that. Starting low will get you to play and practice against other beginner or players that are just not that good at poker. This way, you can experience the game without added pressure, instead of merely gifting your money to the experienced lot.

● Third and final – you will get a real feel of the game and experience the journey the right way. You will understand rules and positions better, and in time you will get a hold of hand ranks too. It takes time, so no rush.

3. Take Your Time When Making Important Decisions

No player is ever required to bring decisions in a matter of seconds. Even more experienced players think their next move through and don’t make decisions automatically. You risk killing your game just because you want it to finish quicker. This is especially important for beginners. You have a ton of new information in your head. Sort it out, and then decide on what to do next.

Another important decision that you should think through is whether to play online or at a land-based casino. The game is almost the same, but the offers are not. In order to make sure that you avoid scams (especially over the internet) do some research and read casino reviews. For instance, if we take the gratorama casino review and read through it, we will learn a great deal of important information regarding their bonuses, rewards, and numerous betting options.

4. Play Tight But Aggressive

A significant number of players who just start playing poker make one similar mistake – they play too wide and end up opening too many Texas Holdem hands. One way to improve your game when starting out is to play only your strongest hands; this way, you will avoid bringing many tough decisions post-flop. You will play fewer rounds, yes – but you will play more aggressively once you decide to take action with the cards in your hand.

When playing with lower stakes, your opponents will probably play random hands, so relying on this tip will give you an advantage in the game. You will acquire a new strategic option and not lose a lot of money on your way to becoming a master.

5. Play When You Feel Good and Ready

Emotions are not your friends when playing a game of poker. You will surely feel angry or mad when you lose, but avoid making things worse and don’t start playing when you already feel down or agitated. Opt to play when you feel ready to get into the game properly and when you are able to remain calm and focused. You will need it, no doubts here.

If you play tired or angry, it may cost you a lot of money. You won’t be invested in the game, and you will surely not make the best decisions at that time. So, why risk it. Wait a better moment and enjoy the thrill poker offers.

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