RPT Montenegro: Russian Strip Poker


Another Russian Poker Tour has ended with some interesting stuff going on. There were careless dealers, naked ladies, cancelled events and, certainly, cool tournaments. Montenegro, specifically town Budva, hotel casino “Queen of Montenegro” has hosted the event.

There were some interesting headlines in the Montenegrin stop of RPT: World Poker & Party Series, Belarus Poker Tour, Pokerfest, Pokerdom and some other “brands”.

RPT Main Event with €200,000 guaranteed and WPPS Main Event with €125,000 guaranteed were meant to be the biggest events of the series. Meanwhile, guaranteed prize was supposed to be €150,000 and has been reduced “due to unexpected denial to cooperate with WPPS of one of the major partners (PokerFest)”.

One of the first things to say is that there were unavoidable never-ending problems typical for all Russian poker series: with the coverage of events. There were no lists of players at the final table, no lists of ITM players, no reports of the amount of buy-ins – only pictures and some sort of mixed data.

So don’t be too judgmental.

RPT Montenegro: results and stuff

So there were more than 250 buy-ins in RPT Main Event: Day 1A – 65 buy-ins, Day 1B – 187 buy-ins.

Ukrainian Stanislav Kozlovskiy with huge stack and Serbian Milan Milovanovic have made it to the heads-up.  Despite serious handicap, the latter has celebrated victory over Kozlovskiy and became the main champion of the tour.


The main event of WPPS was held for the first time. Ilya Zuikov had won it.

В дебютном главном событии серии WPPS победил Илья Зуйков! Поздравляем!

Other results:

Russian Alexei Romanov beat Swiss Reto Rocher in the final of WPPS HEAD’S UP KNOCKOUT BATTLE with €15,000 guaranteed.

WPPS HEAD’S UP KNOCKOUT BATTLE - Алексей Романов (Россия) оказался сильнее швейцарца Рето Лочер

Alexei Vandyshev won Belarus Poker Tour Cup with €10,000 guaranteed.

Алексей Вандышев - победитель BPT CUP, о WILD DEUCES EVENT

Turkish player Erjan Olgun has become the champion of Under Pressure event, the main feature of RPT. Final table was taking place in a strip club, what couldn’t have not affected emotional state of all the players (and spectators too).


Эрджан Олгун (Турция)

Strip Poker Event and PokerFest Monster Event cancellation

Two RPT Montenegro events were cancelled. It is a wild practice, but fact is a fact. One of the most interesting events of the whole stage -- Strip Poker Event – was cancelled due to bad schedule (there were too many of those willing to participate who were busy playing in other tournaments).

And PokerFest Monster Event 6-max was cancelled on the same reason WPPS was reduced in guaranteed money – disagreement with PokerFest waved it off.

Конфуз с гарантией в ивенте Let’s Fly


Victory in Let’s Fly Max Knockout tournament with €60,000 guaranteed came to famous Russian player Sergei Rybachenko. His surprise was huge as his payment was only €7500…

Как оказалось, общий призовой фонд турнира определяется хитрее обычного, слово

It happened because prize fund of the tournament was determined in a trickier-than-usual way. Oleg Udovenko, tournament director of RPT explains:

There were 176 entries of €200 and 61 entries of €550. Total number of buy-ins is €68750. There were 10% fee, 3% staff payments and 1 of local taxes = 6875 + 2062,50 + 687,50 = 9625. Total number of bounties is 23700 (237*100). Payed prize fund is 68750 - 9625 - 23700 = 35425.

Sergei’s response was the following:

“Oleg, as I understand, unmasked rake which is shown in a traditional way is 100+100+28 RAKE. As there is no rake on bounty anywhere, it makes 100+28. I have nothing against in general, direction can make it whatever, 100+200 rake, but there must be info about it. Well, and rake for bounties is just too much for me”

Well, direction of the tournament filled guaranteed money with the help of bounties and not with reducing rake.

Entertainment and dealers


Well, if we speak about entertainment program, it was great. They had sport events (MTT pro Anatoliy Filatov invited everybody to play basketball match or to do something else), a lot of  parties and half-naked ladies where everywhere. Eyes couldn’t stop at one place.

Dealers let the event down, Oleg Udovenko admitted:

“I have to say that better quality of dealer’s work on the event leaves to be desired. Directions top priority on the next stages is to make stuff’s level of preparation on maximum level”.

Мы же, напоследок, присоединяемся к словам Сергея Рыбаченко, который пожелал:

And finally we agree with commentaries of Sergei Rybachenko, who wished:

“I’d like to wish advertisement truer or whatever, with no hidden rake and misunderstandings with guaranteed prize money. The rest of my feelings of the event are positive. There are just bigger requirements from the leader”


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