Poker Teaches Courage and Humility


In poker, you are constantly enduring extreme situations that cause your character to show itself very clearly. Impatient people become even more restless, timid yet defensive, while dominant people become particularly pushy and confident.

Poker helps people develop a state of mind that is on an entirely different level than any other game. It is such a wonderful game, that it is studied across workshops for managers and executives, to give them the necessary edge in their professional lives where they have to make constant decisions.

In poker, one learns to perceive oneself consciously. You learn to bluff successfully, which is extremely helpful, for example, in negotiations. Today, it is very easy to practice your poker persona. With the dozens of online poker websites across the net where you can play for real money, poker has never been more accessible and bigger.

Poker teaches you that what cards you get is fate, but whether you can get the most out of your own hand is trainable. Moreover, poker gives perfect practice for this. If you become successful in poker, you are very likely to have the ability to become successful professionally, financially or otherwise. It is that decision risk making that makes you harder and more enduring.

But, if you implement the game principles hundred percent into your working life, poker can distort your character to some degree. It is therefore necessary to consider some ethics in the process and to which degree you will let your poker alter ego control your appetites for megalomania.

The key to this is balancing your poker persona with other activities. Because poker is pure energy, it gives you the power to go against an opponent in the coolest possible manner. It is radical. You always want to take everything away from all players. Therefore, as a human, you never want to live solely by the principles of poker. Ethics is definitely necessary.

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However, do poker and morality exclude each other some may ask? Top players usually have extremely high moral values. Poker has brought me a lot of morality too. In essence, you have plenty of time in poker - you can observe, make decisions every two minutes, and watch again. At the table, you can then develop wicked maneuvers.

You get to learn the negatives so well that you can easily turn them into something positive and apply that psychology in your real life. You learn how people tick, what scares them – so you know how to read them and beat them.

How does poker help in everyday life? Poker teaches responsibility and above all, infuses you with a mix of courage and humility, aggressiveness and restraint, big and small stakes, activity and passivity. There is always too much and too little. Those who internalize this can make decisions freely but responsibly. Nevertheless, most people go the way they once walked and keep going. They limit themselves.

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