Poker cash games in Rīga

Do you want to play poker for money in Rīga? We provide with all the necessary information for the comfortable game search. Below is the info about the stakes available for play, minimal and maximal buy-in amounts for entering the table. Now it is easy to find cash poker games in Rīga – regular data update allows players quickly find a place for the play.

Regular Cash Games

Club Name Description
Royal Casino Poker Club Каждую неделю: среда, четверг, пятница и суббота. Начало в 22:00. дилер чойс: Техас, омаха. Бай-ин: 1000 евро. Блайнды 5-10 евро и выше. Информация:+37120217331 Сабина , +37167092299 Юрий

Every week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Starting at 22:00. Dealer choice: Texas hold 'em, Omaha. Buy-in: € 1,000. Blinds 5-10 euros and above. Information: +37167092299 Yuri
Olympic Voodoo Casino NL Texas Hold'em, PL Omaha Blinds 2-2€ Min buy-in 100€, Blinds 2-4€ Min buy-in 200€
Average rake 2%, cap 15€
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